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Coaching the Coach

You can only coach your clients to go as deep as you are willing to go yourself.

Throughout my career in coaching, the courses I have taken, certifications I have obtained, and conferences I have attended, that first sentence was the most poignant nugget I have ever heard. Not only has it stuck with me, but it has also guided me to dig deep and see how far I was willing to go in my own journey.

As an adult, my first experience with a coach happened when I hired a personal trainer to get me focused and to design a program for me. I was all over the place with my workouts and was only able to learn so much on YouTube. I was moving and exercising regularly, but there was no particular direction I was heading and was looking for some guidance and support. I was surprised at my increase in enthusiasm and adherence to my program, by simply having someone there supporting me while I built some new habits.

As the book of life continued, new chapters unfolded, and I found myself in a place of deep personal reflection. After 2 divorces, and a series of subsequently failed relationships, I knew it was time to get some outside help. This was my first dive into coaching that did not involve physical activity. This time, it was mental and emotional work that needed to be done.

Talk about getting uncomfortable..... This turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life. At the time, finances were just about as tight as you could imagine. I knew that I needed to find a way. This was my first recollection of trusting that the Universe had my back and I said YES. I had my work cut out for me, but I was ready to get down to business and get myself to a better place.

Fast forward and here I am. I have created a life where I am in a beautiful, respectful and fulfilling relationship, and working in a career that I absolutely love. My previous coaching experiences had such a profound impact on me personally, I have found my calling as a Health Coach. But, the journey didn’t stop there. I have enlisted the services of a number of personal trainers to work with me when I need a little bit of extra support and guidance. As any small business owner knows, there are growing pains and steep learning curves along the way. So, I hired a business coach to help me navigate those challenges, and I hired a mindset coach to help me with a whole treasure trove of limiting beliefs that rear their nasty head from time to time. It’s not to say that just because I’ve done various coaching programs, that everything is roses all of the time. It’s not. What I can say is that I have learned so much about myself along this journey, and I am so much better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. It has also taught me how to recognize when it's time for some outside help.

And there you have it. How deep are you willing to go?

-Coach Wendy

You are in it for yourself, not by yourself.

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